Architectural Design Competition
Ferrous Park in association with STRETCH and SquareOne Collaborative announces an international architectural design competition for the design of a housing project, fronting a sculpture park,  with seven individual dwellings in the Crossroads Arts District in Kansas City, Missouri USA.  The project seeks to offer an approach for integrating new housing construction into urban core redevelopment by preserving and strengthening the early aspects of a neighborhood identity as physical, social and financial development merges into a burgeoning neighborhood.  Construction of the dwellings, scheduled for spring 2007, will emphasize new construction technologies, off-site production of building components and environmentally-friendly products and means of production (i.e. sustainable and green construction).  

Over 50 participant submittals and 8 finalist site proposals were adjucated and the winning firms are:
Rockhill & Associates
Blostein/Overly Architects
Johnsen Schmaling Architects
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